Alcatel-Lucent OmniVista Cirrus

Network Management as a Service


The Provisioning Settings Screen is used to the configure onboarding process for switches that do not match a Provisioning Rule, and the Golden Template audit settings. Configure a setting, then click Apply. The changes take effect immediately.

Important Note: There are switch configuration steps that must be completed to enable provisioning on a switch. See the Provisioning Overview Online Help for an overview of the application, including switch setup, configuration workflow, and troubleshooting.

Enable/Disable Auditing

If a Golden Configuration is configured for a Provisioning Rule, you can enable periodic auditing to check if a switch's Running Configuration matches the Golden Configuration for the switch. If the audit detects that the Running Configuration has changed from the Golden Configuration, an alert will appear. On the Results Screen, the Sync Status for affected switches will indicate "Out of Sync". You can click on the status for more details and to take corrective action. Audit frequency is configured as described below.

  • Should New Rules Have Audit Enabled by Default - Enables(Yes)/Disables (No) auditing for the Rule. If enabled, (Default), the Golden Configuration of all switches matching the Rule will be audited at the configured frequency. Note that this is the default setting for newly-provisioned switches. It does not affect already-provisioned/managed switches.

Action When No Matching Rule Is Configured

When a switch matches a Provisioning Rule, it is configured and can be managed by OmniVista. However, a switch may not match any existing Provisioning Rules. You can choose to automatically onboard these switches (default), or not. Select a radio button to set the onboarding process. This setting applied to all switches that contact OmniVista for provisioning.

  • Onboard and manage devices even when they don’t have a matching Rule - Allow switches to onboard even if they do not match a Provisioning Rule. The Default Management Users Template will be applied to the switch. The switch will be displayed in the Managed Devices List and will be manageable by OmniVista. The switch will also appear in the Results Table.
  • Do not onboard and manage devices with no matching Rule. Such devices will retry onboarding until a matching rule is defined for them - Do not allow a switch to onboard if it does not match a Provisioning Rule. A Serial Number Rule with the Default Management Users Template will automatically be created on the Rules Screen with a Provisioning Status of "No Match". The switch will not be displayed in the Managed Devices List and will not manageable by OmniVista until it matches a Provisioning Rule. The switch will continue to contact OmniVista until it is matched to a Rule.

Frequency of Audit

By default, if auditing is enabled, an audit is performed daily at 2:00 a.m. However, you can set the frequency as described below.

  • Start At - The time of day to perform the audit.
  • Recurrence Pattern - Configure the frequency of the audit.
    • Hourly - Select "Hourly", click in the "Every __ Hours" field and enter a number (Range = 1 - 24).
    • Daily - Select "Daily" to perform the audit 7 days a week at the configured "Start At" time. Select "Every Weekday" to perform the audit Monday through Friday at the configured "Start At" time.
    • Weekly - Select "Weekly" and select a day(s) of the week to perform the audit at the configured "Start At" time.
    • Monthly - Select "Monthly" and configure the days/number of months to perform the audit at the configured "Start At" time.